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We offer a series of workshops designed to take your life to the next level. Through small lectures, open discussions, and experiential exercises, our courses will lead you through the process of examining your decisions, your relationships, and your roles. At the end, you will be able to clearly define yourself and who you are in the world.

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Our next Level I 'Possibility' Course begins January 26th.

Unlock a new found ability to live freely and enjoy life wholeheartedly.
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The Mindful Woman
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With thousands of graduates from across the country, x-bility is the most sought after provider of personal and professional development workshops in the midwest.





“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

 Brene Brown



XB Grad Stories

We are proud of our graduates. Their stories of enlightenment and accomplishment are what keeps us going. Through willingness and dedication the x-bility graduates enjoy a life that is fulfilling and a life that thrives.
  • Sarah M and Family

    Sarah M and Family

    My husband and I took Level I together. It changed how we relate to each other in a significant manner. Not only did it help us to focus on why we are married, but also [...]

  • Abbie R. and Doing Things Differently

    Abbie R. and Doing Things Differently

    The x-bility courses have given me the ability to step outside of myself. I have found that people tend to forget how their actions, feelings and words directly affect themselves, day-to-day choices, and other’s emotions. [...]

  • Dominique B. and the Fabric of Family

    Dominique B. and the Fabric of Family

    I would have never taken these courses had my husband and I not separated.  At the time I thought this separation was a good thing and so did he; we were going about it in [...]

Why Choose Us

      • If you want to be happier and more effective in any area of your life… Level I provides you with practical, specific skills that empower you to make positive improvements in your life. You learn what you really want in relationships, careers, health, and personal happiness.
      • If you are at a turning point in your life… facing a career change, divorce, the death of a loved one, marriage, graduation from college, mid-life transitions, retirement, or if you want more peace of mind about life’s challenges, you gain an entirely new perspective in Level I.
      • If you want more success and satisfaction in your career… you will learn how to apply loving and accepting attitudes toward yourself, your clients, and coworkers. You will discover new inspiration and a new source of energy while becoming less judgmental and more effective in getting the results you have always wanted.
      • If your family relationships are troubled by adversity… you will learn methods to create “miracles of love” in painful and seemingly hopeless situations. With an attitude of love, acceptance and respect, you can profoundly alter or change the experience in your family. You will overcome the areas of discomfort you now feel. Through The Level I ‘Possibility’ Course, you will discover and create amazing possibilities for deeper growth and learning in your family.

What Our Participants Say

Xbility is a company of the highest integrity, always delivering on its promises.  The skills I learned in the Level I, II and III courses have been invaluable in guiding me to create a life of joy and purpose. For any person at any stage of life they are life affirming and offer opportunities to learn significant skills.
Kay P., Kirkwood, MO
Life changing! These courses got me to a new level in both my personal and professional life. Probably the best part is the level of connection I now have with my wife and kids. If you have ever been at a point of feeling lost or not sure of what direction to go, get clear and let x-bility guide you to what you are truly capable of.
Steve K., St. Charles, MO
I am grateful beyond words for X-bility courses. I have absolutely no idea how else I could have made my way back to me, if not for this unbelievably thoughtful process. One could stumble onto this kind of healing, but know this process heals on purpose.
Bolanle A., St. Louis, MO

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