About x-bility

At x-bility, we believe everyone is capable of having the life they desire.
Through a structured process, our courses guide individuals to identify
and breakthrough the beliefs structures which create barriers to success
in their lives.


We assist participants in discovering who they are and how
their individual abilities provide them everything they need to be successful
and happy.

- Jo Rossi

Our Mission

A world that works for everyone.

I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.


Our Commitmnet to Community Outreach

The Crisis Nursery

The members of XB2, also known as The Electric 11, adopted The Crisis Nursery in South St. Louis City for their Legacy Project.  In an effort to support the kids and parents The Crisis Nursery serves, toy, clothing and toiletry donations were collected.

To display the beautiful work that goes on inside the nursery, xb2 took it a step further by completely rehabbing the exterior landscape of the property.  Their hope was to boost moral and give these families a beautiful place to call home.





Learn how you can support The Crisis Nursery by clicking HERE