The Level III ‘Sustainability’ Course

Our Level III ‘Sustainability’ Course is where we bring together all the lessons and insights of Level I and II. It is created for those who want to achieve greater levels of mastery in their personal and professional lives. The Core Curriculum is structured as a progressive learning experience where each Level builds upon the previous. Appropriately named ‘Sustainability’, Level III is designed to support you in integrating the powerful principles of leadership, communication and integrity into your day-to-day life allowing you to sustain a healthy life balance.

Level III focuses directly on your connection with your deepest desires and authentic self. It is an extraordinary journey designed to bring forward a greater capacity to enjoy life, to be present in the moment, and to become more purely connected to your core self regardless of situation, circumstances, or environment. The Level III ‘Sustainability’ Course is the bridge to taking all that you have learned and tactfully applying it to your life.



During the 90-day results-driven program, your life literally becomes the classroom as you receive first hand personal coaching from a dedicated mentor and continued support from fellow participants. The final stage of our core curriculum is designed for those individuals who want to ensure the skills they learned in the course room are effectively translated to their everyday life. Your mentor will provide support and feedback through a structured 90-day plan which encompasses the participant’s desired outcomes. Participants are supported in creating extraordinary results in the goals they declare in a personal strategic plan that is designed to dynamically impact all areas their life – relationships, family, career and health.

In addition, the team will create a Legacy Project which brings the individual to an outward focus in the world and sharpens the skills of effective teamwork. Service and collaboration are cornerstones of the Level III Course and they provide a platform for positively impacting our communities.

The final weekend is a celebration of the participants and their accomplishments. This weekend is a retreat in a tranquil setting offering the peace and relaxation required for introspection. It is a celebration unlike any other and many past participants believe that ‘everyone deserves a third weekend’.

The Level III ‘Sustainability’ Course gives participants the skills to:

  1. Develop the capacity to observe and respond to life’s challenges with balance, compassion, and positive creativity
  2. Learn a process for accessing, trusting, and acting on the guidance of the heart
  3. Become aware of the specific distractions in your life
  4. Connect with and listen to your inner guidance and intuition
  5. Embody the full qualities of compassion, acceptance, and authenticity
  6. Discover how to accept, trust and surrender to the process of life
  7. Experience living in contribution and giving to others as a fulfilling way of life
  8. Be driven by goals rather that emotions and attitudes
  9. Experience what it is to empower others to achieve
  10. Achieve personal excellence
  11. Fully solidify the skills and tools learned in Levels I and II

Everyone Deserves a Third Weekend!

Level III in it’s entirety is a powerful and monumental experience.  It is our belief that every single person is worthy of acknowledgment and celebration.  This is the foundation of the final stage of Level III, Third Weekend – A retreat like no other that you are certain to never forget!

* Level III requires that participants complete Levels I and II.  For more details on our next Level III please call our office at 314.300.3460.