The Art & Science of Intimacy: A Roadmap for Couples




For most, the word intimacy conjures up images, thoughts and apprehensions about sex. Far too often we believe intimacy is synonymous with sex and love making. The danger with this misconception is that it allows us to avoid exploring and understanding the true essence of intimacy and its many forms – sex being one of them.
Intimacy is ‘closeness with another person’. It is the process whereby we feel truly seen, understood by and connected to our partner.
The Art & Science of Intimacy: A Roadmap for Couples (or ASI for short) is designed to broaden the discussion around intimacy. Dr. Miodrag Popovic once wrote, ‘Intimacy is the essential factor in adults’ health, ability to adapt, happiness and sense of meaning in life’ (2002).
Recently, research has shown that long healthy relationships are directly associated with overall health. However, across our culture what we see is that maintaining a meaningful bond with our partner is a challenging endeavor. It demands that we choose to prioritize our partner each day despite life’s distractions, complications and challenges.
ASI provides the path to achieving this by exploring the many types of intimacy and how they can enhance your coupleship.


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